Mission Statement

"A Beautiful Place

To Call Home"

Serving the community since 1992

Mission Statement

To Maintain Red Wing Resorts as "A Beautiful Place to Call Home"

We will achieve this by maintaining:

  • A Social Environment with Facilities and Activities for All Residents To Enjoy
  • Timely and Effective Communications with All Residents
  • Liaison with our Landlord and Outside Agencies on behalf of All Residents
  • Liaison with Red Wing Resorts Ltd. to ensure continuing Property Values
  • Compliance with our established Rules, Regulations and Bylaws
  • A Dedicated, Responsible and Pro-Active Board of Directors supporting All Residents


Vision Statement

We will succeed when we Meet or Exceed Resident's Expectations

We will achieve this by:

  • Having an Exceptional, Dedicated Board of Directors
  • Acting in Liaison with Outside Authorities
  • Maintaining regular Newsletters, our Website and Open Lines-of-Communication
  • Assisting and Co-operating with Red Wing Resorts Ltd. in Controlling and Utilizing Maintenance Reserve Funds
  • Maintaining working relations with Red Wing Resorts Ltd., the Penticton Indian Band and other agencies providing services to our Community
  • Administering facilities designated by Red Wing Resorts Ltd. for the benefits of All Residents
  • Abiding by all Regulatory requirements
  • Holding Annual and Special General meetings where All Residents can contribute ideas, vote on issues and receive guidance

Last Revised: January 1, 2019